Weird normal Sunday

Well if the week was weird, I wonder if the weekend is even weirder. In an attempt to ban the weird we did normal Sunday things: Kath got up to finding a decapitated baby rabbit courtesy of the cats, she sorted that while I slept through all of it. Then we had a cup of tea in bed before eventually getting up and doing some gentle yoga. Then we both pottered about, cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, putting things away or just creating a different configuration of random piles of stuff.

Late morning we decided that maybe it was time for our time outside. We got our running gear on and with as much enthusiasm as I could muster we set off on a 30 second run 30 second walk and repeat adventure. Here’s how it went:

  1. So we’re really doing this then?
  2. It’s all downhill, it’s fine.
  3. Really, I’m not sure I need these walk breaks.
  4. Oh is that snow?
  5. Still downhill, don’t need the walking, it’s annoying.
  6. Oh people – stay on your side of the road
  7. Erm, where’s the downhill?
  8. Ok does this count as up or is this flat?
  9. Was 30 seconds this long last time?
  10. I see people, where are they going? Can we get round? Yeah, we’re good
  11. Ah yes, downhill
  12. More people. Is that 2 metres, maybe, just, phew we’re past
  13. What wait, did Kath just say extra walks are ok? She did, didn’t she
  14. We’ll ignore that for now
  15. 30 seconds is like forever
  16. Uphill
  17. I hate uphill
  18. What do you mean run – that was a quick 30 seconds
  19. This is a loooooooong 30 seconds
  20. Extra walk breaks – ok I was too smug earlier, I need the walk breaks
  21. Aw look lambs, we can stop and look at the lambs
  22. Should have taken the shorter route when I had the chance
  23. extra run, yay, I am so wonder woman
  24. Fuck
  25. That was not 2 metres you idiot
  26. Kites, we can hear kites. Where are they? Can’t see them
  27. Just keep running, just keep running, just keep running
  28. Shut up
  29. Yay another extra run because I am so totally awesome
  30. More like stupid
  31. Ok walk up the golf course, letting people past, what’s with the people, there’s never people
  32. Running all the way down the narrow path – because you know, there might be people. We don’t want people
  33. 30 seconds/30 seconds bla bla bla
  34. Lambs!
  35. 30 seconds/30 seconds. I wonder what’s for lunch
  36. Oh I know this, yummy. Ok, how long left? A mile? Piece of cake
  37. Achilles: Hello!
  38. Go away
  39. Walk a bit
  40. Run down the hill
  41. Walk up the road, home, 4 miles. Yay

The rest of the day has been more Sunday things, pottering about, little bit of work, the cats bringing the rabbit back, or a new rabbit and a mouse, drinking hot chocolate and watching a bit of TV. More yoga. It’s not that unusual for a Sunday and yet it feels weird.

Anyway, here’s to weirdness and seeing what the new week brings.

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