Didn’t enjoy that

Thursday I found out that my application for a promotion has been accepted (effective 1st September) so instead of running we went out for a meal. We were going to run on Friday morning but didn’t. Can’t remember why. We were meant to go at lunch time but we’d got food all wrong and both felt flakey so didn’t. So we set out to do a short loop in the evening. We left just after 8pm.

Well the run was uneventful. I didn’t find it physically that hard, mentally it was fine. There’s just nothing to say about it. I just didn’t enjoy it. I’ve never felt like this about a run before. I’ve hated it because it’s been hard, I’ve really struggled physically, I’ve really struggled mentally, I’ve enjoyed some and I always enjoy having run. But not yesterday. I felt ok before going and then just flat, a bit ‘meh’ while running and flat after. It felt a bit like going to a bad lecture. Not bored exactly but just bit flat and grumpy and disillusioned with life, love and the universe.

It’s a new one and I hope one that isn’t repeated all that often. Today I have stuffed my face with cake, tomorrow I shall run again.

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